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3 ways to reintroduce yourself to your followers

Natalie Prior of Priority Copy
People want to see the person behind the brand they love, so don’t be shy – show your face and be proud!

When was the last time you reintroduced yourself to your social media followers and welcomed new ones?

Perhaps it was last month, sometime in the autumn, or even six months ago – you can’t quite remember! I know, time flies when you’re running a business.

If you’ve been quietly amassing a new band of loyal followers then there really is no better time to show up, be authentic and share a little about you and your business.

Trust me, people want to see the person behind the brand they love, so don’t be shy – show your face and be proud!

Here are 3 simple but effective ways to reintroduce yourself to your followers:


There’s nothing wrong with a straightforward explanation of who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you can help your followers. It’s always good to include a brief rundown of your back story, particularly if a life-changing event led you to become an entrepreneur.


Share a funny business-related story or some light-hearted facts about yourself. Perhaps you’re a chocoholic, love to knit dog scarves and once auditioned for the X-Factor – except only one of these statements is true! Ask your followers to guess which one is a fib.


Create a Reel, IGTV or carousel post showing snippets of what you get up to in an average day – inside and outside of work. This could include an outfit change or a brief overview of your product or service. Keep it fresh and original to keep your followers hooked!

And here’s 3 things a reintroduction post should always include:

👋 A friendly hello – and a heartfelt thank you for following.

📷 A picture of you – a relaxed snap or selfie of you off-duty is ideal but make sure it’s in focus and uncluttered. It’s great to show the real you but people don’t want to see your washing-up in the background!

📢 A call to action – don’t be afraid to tell your followers what you’d like them to do next. This needn’t be bossy or salesy. It can be as simple as asking them to share a fact or story about themselves in the comments or suggesting they follow a link to your website’s About page to read more about you. Whatever you’d like them to do, make it clear and straightforward.

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