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5 ways to make your Christmas newsletter sparkle

Sparkly baubles on a winter tree
Sharing how-to guides or money-saving tips is a good way to connect with your audience.

Christmas is the perfect time to inject a little cheer into your customer newsletter (particularly after the couple of years we've all had).

Of course, you want to tell your customers all about your festive products and services but keep the tone positive and light. Think gift guides, seasonal hacks and feel-good fun rather than the hard-sell.

Here are 5 ways to spread a little festive joy in your Christmas email newsletter.

1. Be supportive

It’s been a tough couple of years, so reinforce your relationships with your customers or clients and thank them for their support. Think about what your audience needs to hear from you right now and share helpful hints in the form of money-saving tips or how-to guides.

2. Gift ideas

Gift guides are a great way to be genuinely helpful while also promoting your products. Pick a few key pieces and explain why they would make the perfect gift for a daughter, husband or teacher, for example. You can feature gift ideas from other local businesses and even suggest ways to combine several products in a hamper or gift box.

A woman wrapping a Christmas gift with a sparkly bow.
Tips which will help your audience claw back a little time are invaluable in the run up to Christmas.

3. Share seasonal tips

Most people find their Christmas to-do list gets longer every year, so put together a collection of time-saving hacks to help them claw back a little precious time. Share festive tips which are tailored to your audience. If you’re a cakemaker you can give advice on how to decorate a Christmas cake or if you own a gift shop can share tips on how to wrap an awkwardly shaped gift, for example.

4. Get creative

It's the perfect time to get creative and make an effort with your subject lines, headlines and graphics. Add a little seasonal sparkle to your copy with some light-hearted puns (Yule love our festive offers) and add some Christmassy touches to your graphics and images (a sprig of holly or some twinkling lights).

5. Review of the year

There’s no getting away from the fact it’s been an odd couple of years so be gentle in your summary of the highs and lows. Think about the milestones, happy events and what you loved or learned in lockdown. You can also talk about your hopes and dreams for 2022, personally and for your business.

Over to you

I hope these tips have inspired you to get cracking on your Christmas newsletter content. If you don’t yet have a newsletter but would like some help to get started, book a Copy Coaching Call.

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