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Five ways to smash your business goals with content marketing

So, you’ve got a social media account, or two, and a website. You post as often as possible, when you get time, and you write the occasional blog post. You’re aware of content marketing but you’re not entirely sure what it is or how it will benefit your business. Well, don’t worry, let me talk you through everything you need to know.

What is content? Content is a vague term with a broad meaning. It includes website copy, social media, blog posts, graphics, videos, podcasts, eBooks, whitepapers and email marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing is about storytelling. It’s creating, publishing and sharing relevant and consistent content which offers value to your target audience and entertains, educates or empowers. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is: “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” So, content marketing is a long-term strategy which focuses on building strong relationships with your ideal clients by giving them relevant, valuable and consistent content. Through this content you can attract and acquire a clearly defined audience and drive your customers to take action. When they are ready to make a purchase, their loyalty lies with you so they are likely to buy your product or service over your competitors. How can content marketing add value to your business?

Content marketing used to be a headache for many businesses but the rise of social media and blogging has made interacting and building rapport with customers easier than ever before.

#1 Increase brand awareness and engagement Content marketing is a great way to spread the word and introduce your business to a new audience. TOP TIPS:

  • Create content that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention rather than using overt sales messages.

  • Create shareable content, such as how to’s or top 10 lists, to increase engagement and attract new followers which should lead to more sales. When content is shareable you can reach a large audience without spending a penny on advertising.

  • Encourage feedback and discussion to get to know your customers and understand their needs better.

#2 Boost your reputation You understand your business better than anyone, so don’t be shy – share your knowledge and show off your expertise. Delivering quality content regularly and consistently will make your brand an authority on your subject. And being seen as a leader in your field builds trust and credibility which is a key factor when customers make purchasing decisions. TOP TIPS:

#3 Build loyalty Giving your audience good quality free information, such as advice or engaging stories, can build a tight-knit community of customers who are loyal to your brand. If you publish content regularly your followers have a good reason to invest their time in regularly checking in with your brand. TOP TIPS:

  • Keep customers coming back for more rather than buying from you once and disappearing. Maintain regular contact so the next time they’re looking for the product or service you offer, you’re the first business they think of.

  • Each time you create fresh content you have the opportunity to reach out to your existing customers with something they’ll find useful or enjoy.

#4 Encourage your audience to take action Content marketing is a powerful way to persuade your audience to take your desired action – whether it be to send you an email, schedule a call or share your post. TOP TIPS:

  • Use a clear, concise and specific call to action to direct your audience

  • A well-written blog can encourage the reader to buy by recommending a product or asking them to sign up to your newsletter.

  • Use a text link or a call to action button on your blog.

  • Discover 5 ways a blog will help grow your business.

#5 Generate leads While content marketing isn’t suited to direct sales, it can be a rich source of leads. If you offer valuable content, your audience will often be willing to provide their contact details in order to receive a newsletter or download a PDF packed with industry insights or tips, for example. TOP TIPS:

  • Once you have their contact details and permission, you can use email marketing to follow-up with your audience and convert them into customers.

  • Content is crucial if you want to drive more traffic to your website. Google favours fresh content so you could be missing out on a lot of organic traffic if you have a static website.

  • The more quality content you have, the more opportunities for potential customers to find you, particularly if you include keywords relevant to the subject of your blog.

Now it’s your turn Now you’ve got to grips with the basics of content marketing you can start to create useful, shareable and purposeful content for your social media and website. Need a little extra help? Writing about your own business can be tricky. Perhaps you’re a little too close to it? Or you don’t have time to create consistent content? If you’d like to hire me to create regular posts or blogs for you, please get in touch to book your free 15-minute discovery call.