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The most common mistakes small businesses make on digital media

We can help you avoid digital media marketing pitfalls which can dent your brand's image
A freelance copywriter can help you avoid digital media marketing pitfalls which can damage your brand's image

I follow lots of small businesses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and regularly browse their websites too – I like to do my research!

I can tell almost immediately whether a business has employed a professional copywriter or if they're managing their digital platforms themselves.

The most common mistakes I spot are:

  • Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Poor quality photos and imagery

  • Irregular, unplanned posts with inconsistent content and branding

  • Inappropriate or irrelevant content for the brand/target audience

  • Unprofessional comments from members of staff (including sharing customer complaints – an absolute no-no)

  • Criticising the competition

A good freelance copywriter will easily avoi

d these pitfalls – which can severely damage your relationship with your audience or customers if not corrected.

A copywriter will show your products or services in their best light whether it be on social media, your website or in your newsletter, flyer or marketing brochure.

Get in touch if you'd like my help with digital media marketing for your business.