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4 reasons why your competitors use a freelance copywriter

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Your competitors use a copywriter to help them stand out from the crowd and attract their ideal clients.

When creating marketing content, it’s important to make every word count.

That’s why your competitors use a freelance copywriter – to make sure their copy gets to the point quickly, connects with their ideal clients and makes their business stand out from the rest.

They know that having more time and headspace to run and grow their business, rather than having to write their own website copy, is worth its weight in gold.

Let's take a look at 4 reasons why your competitors use a freelance copywriter.

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Do you enjoy the creativity of writing your own content or do you find it a stressful and time-consuming headache?

1. Better content

How do you feel about creating content for your small business?

Perhaps you enjoy the creativity and control of writing your own copy for your website, social media and other marketing materials.

Or maybe you find it a difficult, stressful and time-consuming headache that you never get on top of.

Whichever camp you fall into (and there's a broad grey area in between), writing about your own business is never easy.

If you struggle to find the time, inclination or focus to write good copy or you don’t know what to say or how to say it, then you’re not going to get the results you want.

Even if you enjoy writing and think you do a pretty good job, you may sometimes wonder if your words are up to scratch. Can you achieve the same results as a professional when writing isn’t your area of expertise?

If you think you’re nailing your marketing content, great! But if there’s a niggling doubt that you’re too close to your business to write about your product or service effectively then a freelance copywriter can help.

When you work with a freelance copywriter like me, you’ll get professionally written, engaging and purposeful copy that boosts your brand image and builds trust and credibility with your customers.

Sharing quality, bespoke, original and well-researched content is particularly important on your website where keywords, content and layout is king.

But it’s also helpful to have consistent, well-written and optimised blogs (that are great for SEO and organic traffic) and strategic social media content too.

As a former journalist, editor and marketer, I can quickly and accurately write copy and content that swiftly engages a reader and gives you the edge over your competitors.

When you work with me you’re investing in my writing, editing and marketing skills honed over years of experience.

I provide informative, well-written and helpful content that is easy to read with the right tone of voice for your business.

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Your competitors know that using a freelance copywriter is a good investment as it saves them time and hassle.

2. Value for money

As a small business owner, you may think that working with a freelance copywriter is a luxury you can’t afford. But can you afford not to?

Your competitors appreciate the importance of consistent content marketing and know that updating their website or writing a blog post takes time so it inevitably gets pushed down their to-do list behind the daily demands of their business.

They understand that hiring a copywriter offers value for money and a good return on their investment as they save time and hassle by outsourcing their content creation.

Marketing agencies and big businesses use freelance copywriters to enhance their marketing teams and avoid the expense and commitment of hiring a permanent member of staff, so you can too!

Hiring a freelance copywriter is an investment in building your brand that is more cost-effective than working with a marketing agency.

As a freelance copywriter, I create content that speaks directly to your ideal clients and promotes your products or services effectively which leads to more conversions and sales.

A woman writing in a notebook with her laptop in front of her on a white desk.
When you hire a freelance copywriter you get an efficient, consistent and personal service with one point of contact.

3. Bespoke service

When you work with a freelance copywriter you won’t get passed around from pillar to post.

You won’t have to hang around while the person answering the phone tries to find the person who is creating your content.

When you work with me (rather than a marketing agency) you get an efficient, consistent, flexible, personal service and one point of contact – me!

As your competitors know, I don’t need to work in your business to understand your business.

I become like a member of your team as I get to know you and your brand inside and out.

I research your ideal clients and competitors and ask you the right questions so I get to the crux of what you do, why you do it and how it helps your clients.

As an outsider, I bring a fresh perspective and insight into your marketing, drawing on my experience as a writer and a consumer.

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You can use a freelance copywriter's services as much as or as little as you like, depending on your budget.

4. Flexibility

You can hire a freelance copywriter to work on a one-off project or get support with writing about your business on a short or long-term basis.

If you stand out from the competition by investing in the flexibility of a copywriter you can use their services as much as or as little as you like, depending on your budget at the time.

Working with a copywriter as and when you need them on a freelance, ad hoc basis means you can monitor which topics and keywords are trending and respond quickly with timely, relevant content.

I can flexibly (or consistently) create fresh, persuasive content to suit the needs of your business as and when you need me.

Over to you

Hiring a good copywriter (that’s the right fit for you) is a smart move that pays off.

You benefit from better content, value for money, personal service and flexibility as well as regaining the time and effort you spent on writing your own copy.

If you’d like my help with writing about your business, take a look at my services or book a discovery call to discuss your requirements.

What my clients say

"We would definitely recommend working with Priority Copy; Natalie is very organised, will always meet deadlines and gets the tone just right for our customers and brand. Working with her has freed up more time and resource for us to work on a wide range of sales-generating projects."

Hayley Durston, Marketing Manager at Peters Books, Birmingham

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